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In 2002 the great war between The Realm and the human world took place. The world's super teams united as one to combat it and challenge the threat. Now, three years later, a group of heroes who were in High School are now in college. Some have moved past this war, others have not.

Almost four years later it is now 2006

In Rancho Bonito High California, a new group of future heroes is a hope for the future. Working with former members of the Rancho Bonito Alliance, they hold the key to a hopeful future of peace..

Welcome to the Rancho Bonito Alliance. You will have the opportunity to play key characters, with super powers. One is adult, the other in high school graduating within two years. You may also choose to play a middle school student.

This game is based off High School Heroes, a successful game that has transitioned after over a decade running. It will involve current seasoned gamers from that world, and new players anxious to make the leap into quality gaming fun.

Adult life as a hero, high school, or middle school Mite  await you with all the joys, pains, and anxiousness of that time.

Come experience it again.

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